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Pioneer's special production facility, utilizing the most efficient broaching machinery and specialized machines for turbine disk broaching, surface, internal and "blind" hole broaching in capacities from 180" stroke to 15" stroke, is available for customer applications.


With a vast inventory of existing standard and special broaches of over 15,000 broach tools, our experienced personnel provide industry with a superior broaching service.

Services Available


• Turbine Disk Broaching

• Surface Broaching

• Internal Broaching

• "Blind Hole" Broaching

• Pot Broaching

production broach manufacturing

What is Broaching?


The machining process known as broaching uses a toothed tool, called a broach, to remove material. A broach is similar in looks to a saw and contains three sections - roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. There are two main types of broaching:

  • Linear broaching - in which the broach is run linearly against a surface of the workpiece to effect the cut.

  • Rotary broaching - used in a lathe or screw machine, the broach is rotated and pressed into the workpiece to cut an axisymmetric shape. 

Each tooth on the broach has a different rise, or height, that determines the amount of material removed from the material. The feed is built right into the tool and a sequence is created that makes it and all-in-one production process, reducing the margin of error.

When precision machining is required to get the job done, broaching is the go-to. Even though broaches can be expensive to produce, especially custom broaches, it is usually favored over other processes due to the efficiency and quality of the finished product.

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