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When designing a broach for optimum performance, our broach engineers consider the relationship of all factors affecting the broaching application. Design optimization considers the type of material being broached, length of the cut, broach cutting sequences, geometry, proper broaching tools and other elements. Here at Pioneer Broach Co., our engineers, in addition to having full state of the art CAD design capabilities, have 75 years of experience to draw from in helping our customers accomplish all their broaching needs. We at Pioneer Broach take pride in the fact that we are continually finding better and more efficient ways for our customers to accomplish all their broaching requirements.

Custom Broach Design Services

• Full CAD Design Capabilities

• State Of The Art Parametric Design

• Reverse Engineering and Analysis

• Broach Evaluation & Trouble Shooting

• Over 75 Years Design Experience

• Quick Evaluation and Quote Turnaround

broach design services

What is Reverse Engineering?

Any trim part—new, worn-out, or even obsolete—can be reproduced using 3D-CAD and CMM measurement equipment, along with expert manufacturing capabilities. Reverse engineering is done by deconstructing a part to learn how it was designed and built so it can be recreated. It is used when a part that needs replacing no longer has an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) option.

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