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11 Brent Drive, HUDSON. MA 01749

Phone: (978) 562-7943 

Fax: 978-568-8605

Contact Person: Gary Mungeam-G.M.



THE TRADITION...since 1902

Lapointe Hudson Broach Corporation, was established by the original Lapointe Machine Tool Co. and dedicated to supporting our customers with quality tooling and technical support. With the technical services and qualified personnel to back our product, we can review existing tools and customer problems with the end resulting in producing a better tool and tool life, more cost effectively. Our team is committed in our quest for quality. With superior service, quality tools, timely deliveries and competitive pricing in an ever-changing industry. Lapointe Hudson has earned world recognition as a leader in the broaching tool industry.


Lapointe Hudson Broach Facility

Our Hudson. MA facility has continued to refine the turbine broaching process that was developed by the original Lapointe Machine Tool Co.

broach co lapointe hudson
lapointe hudson broach company

Engineered Quality

For over 25 years Lapointe Hudson has been providing our customers with complete broach design and manufacturing services and support using the latest in CAD/CAM systems.

Precision Manufacturing Methods

Lapointe Hudson offers the latest in CNC production through all phases of the manufacturing process using in-process inspection controls combined with 100% final inspection of every tool.

State-of-the-Art Technology For Complex Form Grinding

Tools produced at Lapointe Hudson Broach are of the highest quality in the world and have international recognition for their performance and reliability.

Partial Client List

Bet Shemesh Engines LTD

General Electric - Pratt & Whitney

Siemens Westinghouse

Beacon Industries

Honeywell - Pratt & Whitney Canada



Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Rolls Royce Corp.

Turbine Engine Components Textron

precision broach manufacturing

Evaluations & Solutions to Customers' Problems...

Lapointe Hudson Broach Corp with the heritage of over 90 years of experience in broach tool design and manufacturing, can review existing tools and customers' problems with the end result of producing a better tool with better tool life, at a more effective too! cost factor.

Engineering & Design is the Heart of a Broach Tool...

Lapointe Hudson Broach Corp provides a complete broach tool engineering service. Each design requirement is produced on and stored in our computerized CAD/CAM design system. Accurate, original drawings can be reproduced in minutes or for future references Lapointe Hudson Broach Corp. has a complete reference library of proven designs to call on to back up our years of experience.

Lapointe Quality Control...

Quality has been our most important criteria since 1902 Lapointe tools have been known for quality and reliability.

Form Inspection...

As a standard on quality control, Lapointe Hudson Broach Corp. generates a carbon coupon of every form tool produced. As seen on the right, all forms are compared to a standard or comparator chart and no deviation or reduction in maximum tool life limits is acceptable. For future customer reference, carbon coupons are kept on file at Lapointe Hudson Broach Corp.

"CNC Qualified"........

Broach tool blanks are pre-machined before heat treating on this fully CNC controlled machining center to minimize lead times.

CNC Grinder...

For generations, tools requiring years of machining skills are now being produced With optimum accuracy by this computer programmed form and form relieving machine.

Automatic Processing...

One of three unmanned automatic tooth gulleting machines.

Gun Barrel Broaches...

Lapointe has been, and continues to be, a leader in the production of gun barrel broaches. The skill in designing and manufacturing Lapointe 's tools has made their production in constant demand.

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