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Latest News at Pioneer Broach Co.

"Finding a Better Way" is more than just Pioneer Broach Co.’s motto. It is a promise and commitment to provide the finest quality products and services available in the manufacturing industry. Our team is constantly developing better ways to design, manufacture and deliver our products, and most importantly, a better way to serve our customers.

May 2022 –


Pioneer Broach Company is NADCAP accredited for Broaching and Edge Treatment.  

January 2022 –


Pioneer Broach Company’s machining division adds (5) new machines to further its capabilities in the manufacturing of Aero Engine components, specifically Turbine Blades and Nozzle Segments.

  • Magerle MFP30 – 5-axis grinding machine

  • Makino BX3 – 5-axis EDM hole drilling machine

  • Makino U3 – Wire EDM

  • Makino Edge 3 – Sinker EDM

  • Renishaw Agility L 9158 5-axis CMM + Revo Scanning Head

  • Renishaw Equator Shop Floor Gaging System

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